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The best adult sauna club in Paris for pansexual

Atlantide Sauna the best sauna adult club in Paris 


Atlantide Sauna, has been, for more than 15 years, the place in Paris, where, open minded people, can live their sexuality whithout any judgement.


Every weeks, we organized special events that boost our customer's fantasy. Among this events you'll be able to experience our Naked Party, Bi Trans Trav evenings, Toy Boys afternoon, Bondage demonstration, Hot Kisses...


Our customers are people of all kind, all adults. Women and men, curious straights, bisexuals, gay, travesties, transexuals, shemale and trannies, mostly pansexuals people.

Men who search for escorts won't find them at Atlantide Sauna. Within our premises PROSTITUTION IS NOT ALLOWED.






Atlantide Sauna Paris a new concept of sex club, aimed to be a tolerant place for everybody. A club that count more than 5.300 members !

Atlantide Sauna Paris welcomes Gays, Bisexuals, Curious Straight women and men, TGirls, Shemale,Trans & Transvestites. 

Our clients enjoy the possibility of meeting qnd cruise a wide range of people and sometimes make friends..

Friendly behaviour and respect for each other are the keys that open the doors of Atlantide Sauna. 


Information campaign for the respect of couples and women

Atlantide Sauna is involved for the respect of couples and women.

A flyer explaining the rules of the club regarding behavior toward couples and single women who visit our premises, is distributed to all guests upon arrival. The rules of courtesy and tolerance are recalled.

Our team is trained to monitor acts contrary to these rules and react when necessary to ensure that all persons having experienced Atlantide Sauna, leave our place with the memory of a courteous, tolerant, relaxing and libertine club.



  • Steam Room scented with relaxing colors.
  • Sauna: large dry Finish wooden sauna.
  • Showers: intimately lighted with body/hair wash dispensers.
  • Changing rooms, individual key lockers.
  • Bar: no alcoholic drinks are served ! enjoy soft drinks. Complimentary drinks coffee & tea.
  • Relaxation areas, private and collective some equiped with glory holes, transparant glass.


Atlantide Sauna is committed to the prevention of AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

In this context, Atlantide Sauna is associated with several official organizations including the SNEG & CO, ENIPSE, the national Union of the Gay and Lesbian Enterprises, AIDES association.  Atlantide Sauna distributes free and in large numbers, condoms and water-based gels since its opening. Several distributors of condoms and gels have been installed in different points of the premises.
Also, we provide our customers with a space full of documentation on prevention. Finally Aides association comes in a regular base to offer free Hiv test.

16303 registered